venerdì 13 maggio 2016

Muslim Fashion - Verde Jennah

Verde Jennah has been created by a well known Italian blogger, who specializes in matters regarding muslim women, and a manager, Davide Spitale.
The original blog Verde Jennah, on wordpress, has thousands of readers.

The two founders have now assembled a team of highly competent people, to create a startup in female muslim fashion.

This team of 9 people includes web development specialists, web designers, web marketeers, PR and copywriters, production, logistics, and also two fashion designers.

This is clearly Internet of Things, and these are real products. For the style conscious young working woman, who has her own style.

I find this ‪#‎startup‬ ‪#‎VerdeJennah‬ very interesting in the way they approach ‪#‎female Muslim ‬ ‪#‎fashion‬. They will present to ‪#‎investors‬ next Thursday 19 May at Copernico Milano by Agora4Business which is a ‪#‎company‬ I work with.
If ‪#‎interested‬ please make contact with Cassandra Gnatta who manages the ‪#‎accreditation‬ of people present.

Davide Spitale At Agorà4Business next Thursday 19 May at 18.00 for Verde Jennah
Muslim Fashion

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