martedì 17 maggio 2016

Revolutionary! AGRICOLTURA 2.0 - acquaponica, a true innovation for crop growth and for agriculture "on-demand"

Agriculture 2punto0 is the project that brings agriculture to a new and better standards of quality and better agricultural production.Renewables and energy efficiency with the acquaponica technique, becomes the new product within the internet of things.The Agriculture without bending to the ground and vital signs visible from the internet, without using combustion engines and fossil fuels.  
Without consuming water, fertilizers, pesticides and chemicals.Agriculture 2punto0 is 100% organic.

Today the GDO (large retail chains) such as Metro USA 100% produced by hydroponic crops out of the ground. Agriculture without nature.  
The plants are fed by chemical nutrients, minerals or organic, you can enjoy the benefits of non-contact with the hold and do not know the microorganisms that commoners implantation.  
When there is an infestation, you throw the harvest away and you start over again.Agriculture 2punto0 with aquaponics is a real natural ecosystem with nitrifying microorganisms that carry out the nitrogen cycle.The water in which the fish swim, go to the plants, which then recycle to the fish. A winning symbiosis that brings the agricultural production 30% -40% higher in terms of amount.

Agriculture 2punto0, moves the free will of the cultivation to the end customer, by providing, through the taste, nutrition, the healing properties or the advice of a nutritionist dedicated crops such as ON DEMAND, from ancient seeds (variety of 40-50ann ago) or modern seeds.

The consumer will have "fragile black", yellow tomatoes with low acidity or a local variety of plant, cultivated in the country of their grandparents.

We collect biodiversity and put available to customers.
No matter if you choose a plant that produces a single fruit or a year of low production.
The abolition of the supply chain allows us today not available margins for farmers.

This startup has been presented by Agorà4Business

April 27, 2016 c / o Copernico Milano 17.00 IARI "Italian Association of Responsible Investment" 
Cultural measures, debates and presentation of Agriculture 2.0 - Applied Ecology

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and about Agricoltura 2.0 here: Agricoltura 2.0

More information in Italian, here Fattoria Organica

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